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Edited by Raymond Merritt and co-edited by Miles Barth

There are few bonds as close as the one between man and dog. More than just man's best friend, the dog has become an honorary, and honored, member of our society. To celebrate this unique relationship, A Thousand Hounds (Taschen, 2000) brings together over 400 photographs of dogs, many of which have rarely been seen.

Spanning more than 150 years (1839 to the present), this book chronicles the evolving relationship between man and dog. Included are 19th century working dogs, adventuring dogs, dogs of war, police dogs, fictional "superdogs", beloved family dogs, and, to some, the pinnacle of canine achievement: the ultra-bred and groomed show dog.

Intellectually and visually stimulating, A Thousand Hounds is far more than just a collection of dog pictures. This unique book features the work of hundreds of world-famous photographers and artists (from Picasso to Man Ray, Ralph Gibson to Eric Fischl, Wolfgang Tillmans to David Salle and, of course, Elliott Erwitt and William Wegman), dozens of quotes about dogs and essays on the presence of dogs in the history of photography and their relation to man.
In Print: The Magnificent Seven, (Best Books for 2000)
"The best dog-picture book yet, featuring images from 1837 to the present by anonymous photographers, masters of the genre (Elliott Erwitt and William Wegman) and various other artistic fans of canines, among them Eric Fischl, Ralph Gibson, Man Ray, Picasso, and Wolfgang Tillmans."
New York Magazine, December 18-25, 2000
"The biggest and best of all dog photo books out there . . . something of a design triumph."
The Village Voice
"Warp and Woof: A Tapestry of Photographic History. . .a goodly pack. . .all more photogenic then thee and me."
Vicki Goldberg, The New York Times
"The most creative and innovative gift book of this season."
Entertainment Today
"Distinguished [by its] historical essays, [its] grouping of pictures that stands out from the pack."
The Denver Post
 (highest rating)
"A masterpiece...."
"A Thousand Hounds is a mind-trip like, I guarantee, you've never had… jolting, riveting, unique. Yes, Raymond Merritt... [has] have given the world another dog book. But A Thousand Hounds is just a dog book like Hamlet is just a revenge drama."
Reppy Duart

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Of all the dog books, "A Thousand Hounds" may be the definitive text, for it affords multiple pleasures between humans and canines….This is a book that tries to do many things, and does them all beautifully.
Images, left to right, top to bottom: Bryan Hunt, 1985; Jacob Byerly, 1848; Albert Sands Southworth and Josiah J. Hawes, 1852; Bayard Wootten, c. 1934; Margaret Bourke-White, 1936