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A Journey through the History
of Childhood

Written and edited by
Ray Merritt

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is a not-for-profit public foundation, which through its art-related programs, seeks to raise funds to help those in need.

The Cygnet Foundation's efforts to help animals in need are currently directed to its Thousand Hounds project. Through the net proceeds received by it from the sales of the books, A Thousand Hounds (Taschen, 2000) and its related exhibitions, the Foundation hopes to provide the resources to find homes for a thousand dogs (and cats).

The Foundation’s initiative for children is directed through its Full of Grace project and the net proceeds it raises are contributed to UNICEF,

The Cygnet Foundation's program for working women is conducted principally through its initiative, Made with Love, which facilitates the sale and distribution of products made by poor working women in developing countries particularly in Africa and South America. The Foundation directs the net proceeds received from the sale of those products to relevant charities in the region of the product’s origination.

Two new initiatives have been added to the Foundation’s mission purpose. The first is the Foundation’s active involvement in a unique American art experience called America Now + Here. Cygnet serves as a fiduciary agent for their charity and is assisting in its fundraising and development efforts.

The second additional initiative is the Le Meridien Hotel partnership. Cygnet has joined with the hotel chain to provide copies of Full of Grace in many of their facilities in the United States and Europe. Through this enterprise we hope to expand the breadth of our mission’s reach.

The Cygnet Foundation Book Division has produced numerous books on photography including, A Thousand Hounds (Taschen), Full of Grace (Damiani) and Shared Space (Damiani).

The Foundation’s Children’s Book division has to date produced three books: Captain Cur and Wonderflea, Alice and the Grain of Sand and Laroo.